"It was the best training in kids entertainment I ever had..."

Most parents who have been to lots of children's parties will be very aware that there are quite a few people working as children's entertainers who don't have the first clue about how to actually entertain!

So in 2010 I decided to try to "raise the bar" a bit by providing training (both "in person" and by online video) for children's entertainers and people interested in becoming children's entertainers.

Since then, I've been privileged to have had my training programmes used not only in the UK but also internationally. Here's a comment from Sarah who used my training to entertain kids in France:

Thanks Mike...I bought your video training set about 5 years ago to add to my kids party package. It was the best training in kids entertainment I ever had, but then 3 years ago I moved to France. Today, for the very first time, after lots and lots of reviewing the videos I performed your routine in FRENCH!! So you are now...Magic Mike, children’s entertainer extraordinaire and international trainer!
— Sarah Anne Hayman Penninck, France

I'm the children's entertainer who trains other children's entertainers!

When you book me for your child's birthday party, you can rest in the knowledge that I'm the guy who has trained many other children's entertainers! Yes - I'm highly recommended not only by parents and primary school teachers but also other children's entertainers!