Magic workshops for children reviewed - by children!

For years I have provided magic workshops and classes for children in and around Bristol, teaching them some easy-to-do but amazing magic tricks. 

While my current magic class option is my 60-minute Wizards Workshop, a number of years ago I also provided a day-long magic workshop in Bristol called Wizard School. Due to ongoing chemotherapy treatment for our son I am not able to offer the day long version for the next few years, but thought you might like to see what the children who attended one class of Wizard School said about the day:

Feedback from some of the children  I taught magic to!

Recommended magic books for children

If your child likes magic tricks, a few resources I can highly recommend are:

They are both written by an American magician called Joshua Jay who is extremely good at clear explanations.

I also have a video on YouTube explaining two simple but fun tricks that your child may enjoy learning, which I've included below.

Magic tricks for children - learn two simple but effective magic tricks.