Magic entertainment for children in Bristol with autism

Huge, huge thank you from all of us here, especially the children. One of my favourite quotes that I heard many times yesterday was “that was the best Christmas party EVER!” and as you may realise for an autistic child that is some praise indeed.

Part of our aim yesterday was to prove that children with Autism can enjoy a party and have just as much fun, as your mainstream child. This was certainly achieved and It was greatly down to your skill and entertainment. You matched it perfectly to their needs and held their attention fantastically which is not an easy job. One of the children who attended the party, can only normally manage 5 minutes engaged in an activity - for them to sit for half an hour fully engaged with the show is a massive achievement. I am sure we will be seeing you again very soon! Massive thank you again.
— Sarah Brown, Gay Elms Autism Outreach Team, Withywood, Bristol