Learn how to become a children's entertainer

Do you want to learn how to perform a magic show for children?

If you've ever wondered how to train as a children's entertainer, my online training programme delivers high-quality, step-by-step training for people interested in becoming a birthday party magician.

Thanks Mike...I bought your video training set about 5 years ago to add to my kids party package. It was the best training in kids entertainment I ever had, but then 3 years ago I moved to France. Today, for the very first time, after lots and lots of reviewing the videos I performed your routine in FRENCH!! So you are now...Magic Mike, children’s entertainer extraordinaire and international trainer!
— Sarah Anne Hayman Penninck

Based upon my experience as a children's entertainer in Bristol, UK, you'll learn how to perform a 45-minute magic show that is fun, engaging and amazing for children aged 4-11.

When I was starting to shift from being a part-time children's entertainer (performing at weekends while also working with a full-time weekday job) I found it a real struggle to find good training materials and resources. It's so difficult to see a good children's entertainer "in action" as most of the events they entertain at are private parties, weddings or schools.

That's why I created this online training programme for children's entertainers.

Aimed at the complete beginner, you'll learn via super-clear instructional videos how to perform a 45-minute Magic FUN Show for children. 

How To Order

Due to changes I'm making at the end of 2017 (see HERE for details) this course is only available to purchase from a colleague of mine, James Kennedy. Email him at entshq@gmail.com for further details and pricing (he's a great guy!).