DBS check for Bristol children's entertainers in Bristol?

Do children's entertainers require a DBS check?

Equity provide a useful (and short!) guide to the law and its requirements for a DBS check (formerly a CRB check) specifically as it applies to entertainers. 

You can download a copy of their helpful guide by clicking HERE. Of particular note is the section on page 2 of the guide that states:

What is good practice when engaging Children’s Entertainers for one-off or private events?

Although this kind of role should not require a DBS check, it is always good practice to ensure that there is always at least one other responsible adult present and the entertainer is not left in sole charge of children. Indeed, many of Equity’s contracts for freelance performers state this as a condition of the contract.

I do have a DBS check as I volunteer at my local primary school but as Equity points out, it is not a requirement for private parties or events.

As Equity says, there should always be at least one other responsible adult present, which is always the case in my shows.