Magic Mike will be "disappearing" at the end of 2017...

After 9 years of working as Magic Mike full-time, I will be hanging up my wand at the end of 2017.

What! Why?

It's a family thing

The main reason for this change is family-related. You may already know that our son John was diagnosed with leukaemia in June 2015. With his diagnosis, life changed dramatically (and suddenly) for us all as a family.

From the time John was diagnosed, I have continued working as "Magic Mike", entertaining in primary schools and at birthday parties in and around Bristol.

In many ways this job has been ideal, as the flexibility it affords has enabled me to be a very hands-on Dad with John's treatment and hospital appointments. I've been able to be with him for 95% of his chemotherapy and emergency hospital admissions, and now know many of the the staff at Bristol Children's Hospital VERY well. 

At various stages of the treatment however, juggling being a children's entertainer and being "John's dad" has been incredibly tough.  

After a LOT of ups and downs with John's treatment - and with the treatment due to last until November 2018 - I have decided to stop "Magic Mike-ing" at the end of 2017. (After 9 years working full time at weekends, I'm looking forward to being able to do "normal Dad stuff" with the family at weekends!).

You can still book me - I'm "Magic Mike-ing" until THe end of 2017

You can still book me for your child's party in 2017 and you'll still see me around at plenty of birthday parties and events throughout 2017. I'll be working as Magic Mike until the end of 2017, but I wanted to post this information here to give people plenty of advance notice about my future plans.

Thank you

It's been a real pleasure and privilege to entertain at so many birthday parties, celebrations, weddings, charity events, school fundraisers and fun days over the years.

If you've booked me in the past...THANK YOU. Thank you for the memories, the smiles and the laughter.

If you've not yet booked me, you have until 31st December 2017 before it becomes impossible! (Details and prices for my birthday party shows can be found at :)

Best wishes,