Magic Mike "disappeared" at the end of 2017...

After 9 years of working as Magic Mike full-time, I "hung up my wand" at the end of 2017.

What! Why?

It's a family thing

You may have heard that our son John was diagnosed with leukaemia in June 2015. With his diagnosis, life changed dramatically (and suddenly) for us all as a family.

From the time John was diagnosed, I continued working as "Magic Mike", entertaining in primary schools and at birthday parties in and around Bristol. At various stages of the treatment however, juggling being a children's entertainer and being "John's dad" was incredibly tough.  

After a LOT of ups and downs with John's treatment I decided to stop "Magic Mike-ing" at the end of 2017.

Thank you

It was a real pleasure and privilege to entertain at so many birthday parties, celebrations, weddings, charity events, school fundraisers and fun days over the years.

If you booked me in the past...THANK YOU. Thank you for the memories, the smiles and the laughter.

If you missed out on booking me and are looking for a children's entertainer in Bristol, you can see the children's entertainers in Bristol I recommend by clicking HERE.

Best wishes,